Sara Miller Feaster, Micki Marion, and I still have goosebumps and are in awe of the success of last night’s Comedy for a Brother in Blue. The outpouring of support shown for the Clow family is simply beyond words. The generosity of those in attendance far exceeded expectations, THANK YOU ALL for coming out and giving! We raised $19,201  for the Clow family!!

As mentioned last night, none of this was possible without help. Vinnie Montez, Craig Reams, David Rodriguez, Elliot Woolsey and Sam Hard put on an amazing show!! Dexter Rowe, the Leader of FOP Lodge 3’s Benevolent Fund, second to none Brother!! Our sponsors and donors, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU (we will have links to them all soon on our website). The Drake Center, what an excellent venue and even more excellent staff!

To our NOCO Police and Fire Families volunteers, Cindy Miller, Dave Miller, Lynne Hazelton, Randy SanNicolas, Lynnette SanNicolas, Hope Johnson, AJ Johnson, John Vitera, Jessica Vitera, Ava and Margo Feaster, Emma Werning and Shane Moon, your help, effort and support means more to us than you will ever know.

Payton Clow, Stacey Dougherty Clow, and Kurt Clow, keep fighting the fight!!! We are honored to know you and inspired by your strength and perseverance. Thank you for being who you are and allowing us to be part of your lives!

Please check out CBS 4, Reporter Dillon Thomas’ story from last night. A very well done piece.