Technology has changed the way we do almost everything – including how we approach the buying and selling of real estate. One of the biggest new trends is the concept of selling to an iBuyer. An iBuyer is either an individual or investor who offers to buy a home instantly, online, based on market value obtained through an automated system. If you’re considering selling your home, iBuyers offer a quick alternative to the traditional listing.

Basics of Selling to an iBuyer

The essential differences between iBuyer and traditional listings are that there are no real estate agents involved. The home seller simply answers some basic questions online about the home’s condition and unique features. The iBuyer will consider this information along with the automated home valuation and send an offer to the seller. Most iBuyers will present an all-cash offer and closing can occur in as quickly as seven days. There are no agents or commissions and normally the title and escrow fees are paid for by the iBuyer as well. Selling to an iBuyer can be a great option for older, dated homes who might linger on the market. It’s also a terrific choice for sellers who need to sell quickly. While sales prices are typically lower than traditional listings sales, there is no commission or fees, no lender hassles and no inspections to derail the transaction. Selling to an iBuyer is becoming more and more popular. If you’re considering a home sale, working with an iBuyer is an alternative that can help you move quicker and still receive a fair price.

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